Had an Accident?

Had an Accident? Follow these 7 easy steps to ensure that your repair process is as painless as possible:

  1. Contact your insurer. Notify them that your vehicle has been damaged in an accident.
  2. Complete the claim form that your insurer will send you.
  3. Return the completed claim form, together with two (depending on your insurer) repair quotes, to your insurer.
  4. Get your vehicle assessed. Your insurer will appoint an assessor. Their job is to ensure that the price quoted is fair and reflects the damage sustained. The assessor is also able to negotiate with the repairer.
  5. Review the final quote. We will contact you to advise that the repairs have been authorized. Should you disagree with the assessment, please contact your insurer.
  6. Approve the quote Once you and your insurer have confirmed the quote, we will confirm a book in date with you to carry out repairs and order spares if necessary.
  7. Collect your vehicle from CK Your vehicle can be collected at CK Coachworks upon completion of rerpairs. Confirmation of your excess (if applicable) can be clarified with your Insurance company and/or refer to your policy documentation.
Please Note
Towing: To assist with the elimination of possible delays to the repairs of your vehicle, your insurer will best advise you as to how to proceed by selecting the appropriate vehicle repair centre.Unseen damages: In the event of any unforeseen damages encountered in the repair process, it will be brought to the assessors attention, and if accident related, will be authorized.